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Understanding Your Legal Rights

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Meta-data & geo-tagging evidence is becoming more relevant

Proving the authenticity of data beyond the mere printout of a captured image should be a process that the Crown Attorney takes seriously in this new age of technology...

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Immigration Consequences for a Criminal Conviction

There are various consequences that arises in the immigration context when an individual is convicted of a crime. The affects of immigration for a permanent resident is different than that of a refugee...

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Criminal charges against the Elderly

Crimes against the elderly are serious and an accused person could face a myraid of charges in relation to this under the Criminal Code of Canada. The Crown takes the position that elderly people are vulnerable and...

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Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act

The Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act has now officially become law, which makes it easier to deport foreign criminals from Canada...

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The Occupier's Liability Act and You

As a homeowner, you must ensure that your duty as an occupier to keep your premises safe is adhered to at all times.

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Williston v. Hamilton (Police Service), 2013

Insurance companies have an obligation to mediate with the Plaintiffs in Ontario and failing to do so shall be considered by the court for augmented costs...

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Should Private Street Surveillance be regulated?

Private companies enjoy the freedoms of utilizing street surveillance without pixel or image quality standards...

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Wills and Same-Sex Couples

If you are in a same-sex marriage or partnership, there are certain legalities that you should know.

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Understanding Your Domestic Assault Charge

Domestic assault charges will be taken seriously, as the Crown's office assigns these cases to the Domestic Violence Team.

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Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)

There have been many different public cases in the news as of recent with respect to police discretion on providing CPIC information about your private records.

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How to stop acting as a Surety

The responsibilities of a surety can become a daunting task for many people for several different personal reasons.

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What is a Civil Discovery?

A civil discovery is the process where the opposing party may ask you relevant questions in relation to your lawsuit, as well as asking the opposing party relevant questions in relation to the same.

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Do you Need A Criminal Lawyer?

Finding the right criminal defence lawyer is important and there are certain questions you should ask before choosing one. We are conveniently located at 151 City Centre Drive, Suite 201 in Mississauga for after-hour appointments. We also have offices in Brampton and Oakville.

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Criminal Lawyers in Mississauga and Brampton

There are many lawyers serving the Mississauga and Brampton area, so why choose us? Our criminal lawyers are experienced and they will treat your case as if it was their own. We offer free consultations.

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Assault Lawyers in Mississauga & Brampton

Getting charged with assault is a serious criminal offence. Contact our criminal lawyers and quickly discover why we have the experience and skills to help you through this difficult charge.

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Impaired Driving Lawyers in Mississauga & Brampton

Do you need an impaired driving lawyer in Mississauga, Brampton, or Milton court? Our criminal lawyers offer strategic opinions on your drinking and driving charge. Our lawyers will evaluate your case and offer a free consultation by telephone. Call us today. (647) 607-7529.

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Do you need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Our team of Personal Injury Lawyers service all areas across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Newmarket, Vaughan, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach.

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Why do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injuried in a car accident or slip and fall, you may have a serious and catastrophic injury, including traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, and more. Call us today.

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Mississauga & Brampton

Do you need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga and Brampton? Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers to discuss how we can help you with your case. We offer free consultations.

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Do you need a CPP Disability Lawyer?

We help individuals who need to appeal their CPP disability denial. Contact our experienced lawyers for a free telephone consultation. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) appeals are difficult and we understand the legal issues involved. Call today (647) 607-7529.

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Can I travel with a Criminal Record?

A Criminal Record does not affect a person's ability to travel within Canada. Travelling outside of Canada may have different considerations, however. Some countries, such as the United States, may require persons to apply for a Travel Waiver...

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Is a Criminal Record Kept by the Police?

Yes. There is no specified length of time that a criminal record is kept by the CPIC. When an offence is entered on the system, it is assigned an automatic purge/destruction date. The Criminal Records Act identified the conditions on which criminal records are to be purged...

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What is a Conditional Discharge?

A Conditional Discharge is not considered a conviction, but rather a discharge with conditions. Some conditions may include community service hours, probation, etc. The Criminal Records Act states that except in exceptional circumstances, no record of a conditional discharge may be disclosed after 3 years from the discharge date...

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What is an Absolute Discharge?

An Absolute Discharge is not considered a conviction, but rather a discharge absolutely. The Criminal Records Act states that except in exceptional circumstances, no record of an absolute discharge may be disclosed after 1 year from the discharge date...

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Our Criminal Lawyers service Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Orangeville, Newmarket, Barrie, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach.

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