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Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Civil Insurance Dispute Lawyers

If you are a business or an individual who has been denied coverage or had a claim denied and you require legal representation in an insurance dispute case, you need to contact experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers immediately to discuss your case.  At Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation, our Insurance Dispute Litigation Lawyers represent business or individuals involved in insurance dispute cases and we will assist you as you dispute the denial.

Our Civil Litigation Lawyers practice insurance dispute litigation in: Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Toronto, Newmarket, Vaughan, Orangeville, Oakville, Burlington, Bradford, Hamilton, Barrie, Oshawa, Kitchener and across Southwestern Ontario. Our civil litigation lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with both Superior Court of Justice and Small Claims cases in Ontario. 

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice hears cases where contract dispute claims are above $35,000.  In Small Claims court in Ontario, however, there has been an increase to hear most matters in dispute of up to $35,000. Examples of Small Claims Court matters include: property damage, contracts, civil disputes, debt collection, and damages under $35,000.

There are many different types of insurance policies, such as:

Automobile Insurance
Home Insurance
Business Insurance
Third-party liability coverage
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Extended health insurance claims

Disability Insurance
Dental Insurance claims
Long-term disability coverage
Fire Loss Claims
Property Loss Claims
Flood Loss Claims

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult.  Oftentimes, there may be a situation where an insurance claim is necessary and the insurer denies your claim, or denies coverage for your claim as a whole.  If you are currently involved in a dispute involving an insurance claim that has been denied call us today!

Our team of experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers have assisted individuals and small businesses pursue their cases involving insurance disputes in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, or in the Small Claims court depending on the amount of damages being sought. Contact our Civil Litigation Lawyers for your free consultation and speak to a Civil Insurance Lawyer today. 

Denied Insurance coverage?

When an Insurance company denies you coverage, you do not have to accept their decision.  Our experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers at Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation provide skillful representation for clients in court on a wide variety of insurance claims disputes.  We provide insurance Coverage Advice and Litigation, and Insurance Defence Litigation.

Our firm understands that litigation may be expensive, and we work with our clients to achieve the most cost-effective path towards resolution of their civil claim.

Insurance Defence Litigation

Our team of Civil Litigation Lawyers provide effective legal advice to and on behalf of insurers on threshold policy conditions, automobile coverage, exclusions of coverage, and an insurer’s duty to defend.  If you are an Insurance company who needs assistance with defending or pursuing a case, contact us to discuss volume discount retainer options.

Areas of Civil Litigation we serve


Business litigation

Corporate litigation
Insurance claim denials
Homeowners and Contactor Disputes
Service Provider Disputes
Consumer Warranties
Consumer Protection Act Claims

Debtors’ rights and obligation, and remedies


Contractual disputes/Breach of contract

Real Estate and Mortgage litigation

Construction lien
Fraud and misrepresentation actions
Landlord and Tenant Board

Smalls Claims Court

Commercial litigation
Commercial leases

Contractual, Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Creditors’ remedies

Tort/Negligence claims

Commercial litigation

Employment/Wrongful Dismissal

Unpaid Invoices/Debt collection and recovery
Unpaid Loans
Damage to property
Non-payment for bulk sales or delivered goods

Negotiation and mediation of matters

Superior Court of Justice


  • Civil litigation
  • Civil trials
  • Civil motions and civil applications
  • Claim discovery and cross examination
  • Contractual litigation
  • Commercial litigation including shareholder disputes
  • Construction and general liens
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Real estate and mortgage litigation – commercial and residential
  • Insurance litigation
  • Superior Court of Justice cases
  • Small claim cases

What is an Insurance claim?

There are many different types of insurance claims that may arise, for example:
Automobile Insurance
Home Insurance
Business Insurance
Third-party liability coverage
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance claims
Extended health insurance claims
Disability Insurance
Dental Insurance claims
Long-term disability coverage
Fire Loss Claims
Property Loss Claims
Flood Loss Claims
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy Disputes

Oftentimes, there is the possibility of insurance claim disputes being settled without the need to attend court.  At Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation, depending on your particular legal needs, there are times where more affordable options are available for a resolution to your matter.  For example, our Civil Litigation Lawyers offer an initial retainer to make amicable attempts to resolve your case with the insurer:

  • A Demand Letter drafted and served on the individual or business who owes you money (the debtor);
  • Corresponding with the debtor to come to an agreed arrangement.
  • Drafting, serving and filing the documents in court where discussions to resolve are not met with a response;
  • Pursuing a judgment in order to settle your case.

    At Scardicchio Law Office, our dedicated insurance claim lawyers will investigate every detail of your case, review your insurance policy and review the reasons provided for the denial.  Our Civil Insurance Lawyers will help you obtain a settlement and the benefits you are entitled to.

What locations do you serve?

Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation provides civil litigation services, including Insurance defence and Insurance policy coverage denial claims to multiple jurisdictions across Southwestern Ontario, including:


“Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.” 

– Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Results You Deserve

Our team of dedicated Civil Litigation Lawyers represent your civil litigation claim, and we will work to get you the results you deserve.  If you or your business is involved in an insurance dispute, contact us today for a free telepone consultation to discuss your case.

What is a Mareva Injunction

A Mareva injunction is an extreme remedy granted in exceptional circumstances to freeze a defendant’s assets before judgment.  The Plaintiff must do each of the following:
1) make full and frank disclosure of all material matters;
2) give full particulars of the claim against the defendant and highlight potential defenses;
3) show that the defendant has assets in the jurisdiction;
4) show that there is a real risk of the assets being removed out of the jurisdiction, or disposed of before trial and that the plaintiff will be unable to satisfy a potential judgment; and
5) give an undertaking as to damages.

What is an Anton Piller Order?

The jurisdiction to issue a private search warrant rests with the Ontario Superior Court.  An Anton Piller order essentially authorizes a private party to insist on entrance to the premises of the party it believes has defrauded them in order to seize and preserve evidence which will assist in furthering its claim.
In order to apply for an Anton Piller Order, a Plaintiff must show 4 elements: 1) a strong prima facie case; 2) damage to the plaintiff of the defendant’s alleged misconduct, potential or actual, and must be very serious; 3) convincing evidence that defendant possesses incriminating documents or things; and 4) a real prospect that the defendant may destroy the material before discovery. 

What is a Norwich Order?

A Norwich order compels a third party to provide the applicant with information where the applicant believes they have been wronged and needs the third party’s assistance in order to determine the circumstances of the wrongdoing which will assist the applicant to pursue its legal remedies. This type of order is also known as a tracing order.


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