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Stathi Balopoulos appeared on Global News at 6 on May 8, 2023 to discuss issues relating to his client’s frustrations in dealing with the Audi Mississauga dealership who had kept his client’s vehicle for months in relation to a recall fix.  Initially, the client was contacted by the dealer to schedule a recall service on his car.  The vehicle was in proper working order and brought to the dealer in perfect condition.  The recall was performed by Audi Mississauga, and an issue then arose causing over 60 fault codes and the car to ultimately become inoperable.  The client remained patient over the first few months in dealing with Audi Mississauga directly, in order to allow them to remedy the situation; however after 3 months of continuous communication but no concrete timeline provided and no end to the saga in sight, this client had to contact our Lawyer, Stathi Balopoulos, to act on his behalf.  Stathi and the client provided an interview to Sean O’Shea, and the story was featured on the 6pm news May 8, 2023.  Ultimately, following the ongoing communication from our lawyers to Audi Mississauga counsel, as well as the reporting by Global News, the vehicle was repaired less than 10-days later and returned to the client in proper working order. 

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