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Personal Injury Lawyers: Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Personal Injury Lawyers vigourously work to get you the compensation that you deserve.  Contact us to get your free case evaluation and see how we can help you with your personal injury case.

“Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.” 

– Martin Luther King Jr.

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Criminal Lawyers. Personal Injury Lawyers. Civil Litigation

The Results You Deserve

Our team of dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers vigorously work to get you the results you deserve and compensate you for your injury from an accident.  Contact us today for a free telepone consultation to discuss your case.

I have been injured. Why should I contact Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation?

When you have been injured and need a lawyer, you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. Make sure the lawyer you choose is a personal injury lawyer. You should look at their reputation and experience in the area. Talk to them, and decide whether they are compassionate to your situation and show a caring approach which is focused not only on obtaining maximum compensation, but is also focused on helping you achieve maximum medical recovery. If you would like an experienced personal injury lawyer to assess your rights to make a claim, contact us for your free no-obligation, confidential case evaluation. You can contact us directly by filling out the form on this site or call us today at our 24-hour injury hotline (647) 607-7LAW | (647) 607-7529.

Are there time-limits that I should know about?

Yes. In Ontario, there are strict time limits which must be followed and a claim must be commenced within a certain time frame. In order to preserve your rights, it is crucial for you to have one of our lawyers meet with you as soon as possible in order to critically assess your case. We are compassionate to your needs and if you are unable to travel to one of our office locations due to your injuries, we will personally meet with you in the hospital or at your home. It is important for a lawyer to review your claim as early as possible.

You may or may not receive a disclosure package from the Crown on this date. You will also be required to set a return date in order to advise the court as to how you will be proceedings with your case. It is advisable to secure legal representation prior to your first court date. A lawyer will be able to secure your rights from the beginning. For example, there are important statements about your case that may need to be addressed before the court and reflected on the record, which only an experienced criminal lawyer can do to protect your rights from the start. Having a lawyer from the beginning of your case will give you the leading edge to ensure the best possible outcome.

I have been handling my case on my own and I have recently been denied Accident Benefits?

Although it is never advisable to take on a claim without experienced legal counsel given the complexities of the Insurance Act and motor vehicle accident law in general, it is recommended that you speak with a personal injury lawyer immediately to ensure that no strict timelines are missed and in order to preserve your rights to a claim.

How much will it cost to begin a Claim?

Most cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you are paid by the insurance company for your injuries, then we get paid. No legal fees will be charged until your case resolves, if your case is signed on a contingency fee basis. Other cases that are not signed on a contingency basis will vary in costs.

Will I have to attend Court?

Since the majority of cases are resolved through mediation and settlement conferences, the vast majority of our clients never have to attend court. All of the legal aspects of your claim will be handled by our experienced lawyers, and you will only have to attend court if you choose to proceed to a trial.


Criminal Lawyers.Personal Injury Lawyers.Civil Litigation

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