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Weapons Charges

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Weapons Offences

Part III of the Criminal Code of Canada sets out weapons and firearms offences. The Firearms Act sets out the lawful possession of a firearm. If you have been charged with a weapons offence, contact us immediately. Our criminal defence lawyers routinely defend weapons charges in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Vaughan, Newmarket, Orangeville, Hamilton, Barrie, Collingwood, and Wasaga Beach. Being criminally charged with a weapons or firearms offence is a serious matter. There may be serious criminal consequences if the Crown Attorney elects to proceed with your case as indictable. Please contact our criminal lawyers immediately to discuss your case. We successfully represent clients in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice.

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Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Section 90 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada outlines that "Every person commits an offence who carries a weapon, a prohibited device or any prohibited ammunition concealed, unless the person is authorized under the Firearms Act to carry it concealed."


Possession of Unauthorized Firearm

Section 92 (1) outlines that "Subject to subsections (4) and (5), every person commits an offence who possesses a firearm knowing that the person is not the holder of (a) a licence under which the person may possess it; and(b) a registration certificate for the firearm."


Unsafe Storage of Firearm

Section 86 (1) outlines that "Every person commits an offence who, without lawful excuse, uses, carries, handles, ships, transports or stores a firearm, a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device or any ammunition or prohibited ammunition in a careless manner or without reasonable precautions for the safety of other persons".


Possession of Weapon Contrary to an Order

Section 117.01 (1) outlines that "Subject to subsection (4), every person commits an offence who possesses a firearm, a cross-bow, a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device, any ammunition, any prohibited ammunition or an explosive substance while the person is prohibited from doing so by any order made under this Act or any other Act of Parliament."


Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose

Section 88 (1) outlines that "Every person commits an offence who carries or possesses a weapon, an imitation of a weapon, a prohibited device or any ammunition or prohibited ammunition for a purpose dangerous to the public peace or for the purpose of committing an offence."


Weapons Trafficking

Section 99 (1) outlines that "Every person commits an offence who (a) manufactures or transfers, whether or not for consideration, or (b) offers to do anything referred to in paragraph (a) in respect of a firearm, a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device, any ammunition or any prohibited ammunition knowing that the person is not authorized to do so under the Firearms Act or any other Act of Parliament or any regulations made under any Act of Parliament".


Discharging a Firearm

Section 244 (1) ountlines that "Every person commits an offence who discharges a firearm at a person with intent to wound, maim or disfigure, to endanger the life of or to prevent the arrest or detention of any person — whether or not that person is the one at whom the firearm is discharged."


Use of Firearm in Commission of an Offence

Section 85 (1) outlines that "Every person commits an offence who uses a firearm, whether or not the person causes or means to cause bodily harm to any person as a result of using the firearm, (a) while committing an indictable offence, other than an offence under section 220 (criminal negligence causing death), 236 (manslaughter), 239 (attempted murder), 244 (discharging firearm with intent), 244.2 (discharging firearm — recklessness), 272 (sexual assault with a weapon) or 273 (aggravated sexual assault), subsection 279(1) (kidnapping) or section 279.1 (hostage taking), 344 (robbery) or 346 (extortion);(b) while attempting to commit an indictable offence; or(c) during flight after committing or attempting to commit an indictable offence."

Access the Criminal Code of Canada here

Weapons Cases in the News

  May 11, 2012 The Canadian Press

Gun Registry: Ontario Vows To Keep Collecting Data On Who Buys Guns

Ontario won't create a provincial gun registry, but it does want stores to keep records of who buys guns, despite federal objections...

  Feb 27, 2014 The Canadian Press

Mandatory Minimum Sentence Ruling Appeal: Ontario Calling For Harsher Sentence

Superior Court Judge Anne Molloy struck down a three-year minimum sentence for a first offence of illegally possessing a loaded gun earlier this month...

  Sep 29, 2014 CBC News

Universities under pressure to combat sexual misconduct on campus

The movement to combat sexual misconduct on North American campuses is persistent...

  Jul 24, 2014 CBC News

Gun owners may face less red tape

The Canadian government plans to introduce proposed legislation that would make life easier for many Canadian gun owners. As CBC News first reported, the government is planning new legislation...

  Nov 12, 2013 The Toronto Star

Ontario appeal court rules stiffer gun sentences unconstitutional

The three-year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of loaded firearms brought in by the Conservative government is unconstitutional, ruled the Ontario Court of Appeal....

  Aug 31, 2014 Ottawa Citizen

OPP searching near Napanee for man wanted on weapons charges

Ontario Provincial Police are searching for a suspect who fled the scene when police emergency response and tactical teams were executing a search warrant on a residence in...

  Sep 8, 2014 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Registration of Firearms (individuals)

On April 5, 2012, Bill C-19, the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, came into effect. The key changes are as follows...

  Jul 23, 2014 The Daily Courier

Ex-Mountie pleads guilty to 60 gun-related charges in Belleville, Ont., court

A former RCMP officer will be sentenced this fall after being convicted of dozens of gun-related charges in central Ontario....

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